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Our Butterfly Valves are available in different specifications and customized as per the application requirement of the industry. Fiksar Valves Mfg is a brand name which is trusted for quality, reliability, services and proven performance. Using the latest technology we are able to provide. Butterfly Valves which are manufactured with precision and as per the requirement of the clients. Our experienced team specializes in giving the best valves solution for application from a proven line of compact and reliable butterfly valves. We are most recognized and a pioneer of valve manufacturing industry in India. We are most recognized and a pioneer of valve manufacturing industry in India. With years of experience we have been able to get recognition in Valve manufacturing Industry

the best butterfly valves manufacturer through showing its expertise in the butterfly valve range and delivering the forefront solution for the flow regulating need of the assorted industries in Kuwait. The success of the installed butterfly valve in the many industries of Kuwait, Salmiya, Al Jahra, Basra, in conjunction with the competitive rates of the same has made it the one of the first preferences for the oil & petrochemical industries in the country. Other than that, the huge alternative and personalized range has made it also popular for water supply, sewage supply, and food as well as pharma segments.We are major supplier of butterfly valves in Al Ahmadi, Hawalli, As Salimiyah, Sabah As Salim, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fahahil, Kuwait City.

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