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We are as leading Manufacturer, Supplier, exporter of various types of Valves such as Butterfly valves, Ball valves, Pinch valves, Diaphragm valve, pulp valve, dual plate check valves, PFA Lined Valves, plug and piston valves, cocks and pipe fitting of the stainless steel, cast steel, Gun-metal, bronze, forged steel.

Our products are worldwide famous and valued for their unmatched performances and low maintenance requirement. Backed with engineering experience and years of knowledge we prepared qualitative pinch valve as we never compromise with quality, also used quality standard material that is taken from trusted vendor. Beena Engineering name is well known in the market as customers know us by our pinch valve. The main advantage of pneumatic pinch valve is that fluid passing from it does not come in contact with its metal parts except sleeve. Pinch valve are reliable, maintenance free, cost-effective, compact size is mostly used by large industries such as chemical, petro-chemical, oil, gas, slurry application. There are no spaces to grind and no filling box to repack as this pinching action is on center line so valve closes on smooth and is self cleaning.

We have tried our level best to serve with most of the required information. We are the chief manufacturer of industrial valve and have wide experience of producing and serving the market with quality valves like pinch valve, Manual operated pinch valve, Air pinch Valve, Pneumatic cylinder pinch valve . Pinch valves meet the most rigorous service condition elastomer tube fold design prevents stretching and extends sleeve life to result in valve that last for long time, also provide engineered solution to customer.

We are offering a wide range of valves exporting in Australia, indonesia, malaysia, thailand, egypt, israel, russia, kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, Sharjah, Thailand, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, Netherlands, Kenya, USA, England, Sudan, South Korea, Algeria, Japan, Mozambique, Indonesia, Iraq and Singapore etc.

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