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 Our pinch valves are widely demanded in the many industries and from many cities, peoples are contacting us for the well equipped forms of the pinch valves. This is the reason that we are the widely connected Pinch Valves Supplier in India. This type of valve works on a spring return mechanism and the valve is kept in the normally closed position unless air is supplied to pull the bars apart to open it.

We are always concerned about our consumer’s preferences and the comfort level of them is also must. We are the top listed Pinch Valves Manufacturer in India. While the design of pinch valves provides extensive advantages for use in sterile lines and in situations where product purity is a high priority, these same design features do create some disadvantages. Due to their elastomeric bodies, pinch valves are not viable in situations where the transport media is at a high temperature. They are also not recommended for services that require high-pressure flow, and for use with gases.

Our products are idyllically manufactured to handle all types of liquid & gaseous mediums maintenance. Each valve is considered with an easily interchangeable sleeve, which is the only valve part that comes in contact with the process fluid.

Our products are exported throughout the world especially in the countries like Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya and U.A.E etc. Nations such as Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia, U.K., Oman and U.S.A regularly imports our Open Body Pinch valves, Close Body Pinch valves and Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves etc. These products are very affordable apart from being very qualitative. As a result, our products are the prime choice of several nations around the world.

We have shrewd team of well qualified engineers who understands technological innovation is essential to our operational perfection. They have the manufacturing and technical expertise together with the facilities to address the diverse automation demands of the modern process industries. Our company is affianced in designing, developing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of Control Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valve, Manufacturer and other types of industrial valves for all processes like power generation and associated industries.

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