PP Ball Valves
/ PP Ball Valves

Ahmedabad based firm in manufacturing a number of valves, strainers, engineering products, pipe and fitting made from PP, HDPE, PVC and UPVC materials. A  ball valve is a special type of valve that turns only a quarter-round driven through the ball that allows controlling the flow. The ball valve has a floating ball that is open only on one side and is attached to the handle which when rotated opens and closes the valve. It is a one way valve in which the controlling is done through the pressure exerted on the ball of the cup-shaped opening. These valves are used in those locations where tight shut-off is required for accurate and leak proof control of flow. The PP ball valve is prepared from polypropylene material, increasing its durability and enhancing the characteristics.

He has immense experience in the field of molding line and various kinds of industrial pipes, valves and fittings like PVC ball valve, UPVC and Plastic ball valve exporters in USA, Japan, South Africa, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, UAE, . We have achieved the top notch position in the market for presenting the most reliable and accurate working valves. We have a great production capacity to produce nearly 15000 pieces of valves and 100000 pieces of fitting in one month. This capacity of production is the result of the extremely talented workforce and development departments.

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